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GHK-Cu is a tripeptide with the amino acid sequence glycyl-histidyl-lysine. It naturally occurs in human plasma. It has also been found in saliva, and urine. In plasma the level of GHK declines as you age. This decline in the GHK-level coincides with the noticeable decrease in regenerative capacity of an organism. GHK-Cu functions as a complex with copper stimulates collagen production, accelerates wound healing and contraction, improves the take of transplanted skin, and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

• Repairs skin barrier proteins
• Improved skin elasticity and firmness
• Reduces hyper-pigmentation and skin spots
• Stimulates skin collagen
• Improves overall skin appearance
• Reduces inflammation
• Improves wound healing and reduce infections
• Increases hair growth and follicle size
• Increase production of stem cells
• Bone repair
• Antimetastatic properties

Additonal Information

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2196 Main St. Suite A, Dunedin FL 34698