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Shields Pharmacy is a full service; independent, family owned pharmacy committed to providing the best care, highest quality products, and specialized pharmaceutical health care for all our patients.


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At Shields Pharmacy we offer the fullest range of compounding products available, all professionally...

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Dermatology problems can occur at any time in your life. For many men and women, the visibility of s...

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Pain Management

For many people who are suffering from chronic pain, compounded medications offer their best solutio...

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Weight Management

Weight management is a difficult challenge for many of us. Preparing and eating a balanced diet with...

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Women's Health

Today’s compounding pharmacies are offering extraordinary hope to women who are struggling wit...

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone Replacement has become a widely-embraced therapy for both women and men. When the unpleasant...

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IV Therapy

We prepare nutritional IV therapy for the many people who are unable to intestinally absorb importan...

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Men's Health

Men often face unique health situations including hormone imbalances and lower levels of testosteron...

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Hair Loss

While hair loss is a difficult challenge for men and women, it is no longer a problem without a solu...

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Pure Encapsulations

At Pure Encapsulations®, we know it’s what’s inside that counts. That’s why we...

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Shields Pharmacy provides an array of products for many different applications.

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Family Owned Pharmacy

Competitive Pricing

At Shields Pharmacy, we specialize in compounding customized medications to meet your specific needs, whatever those needs may be. Whether you are in need of quality pain management compounds, customized hormone replacement therapy, dental compounding or special vet compounding for your pets, we have the skills, equipment, and experience required to ensure you get just what the doctor ordered.

The way we create custom medications today has its roots in ancient civilizations. Prescription compounding techniques employed today help people from all walks of life get the most out of the medications prepared for them.

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